Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love Letter

I wrote the following as a meager expression of my feelings for God. It's incredibly difficult to attempt to use something as simplistic as letters strung together to make your heart known. The romance of the Father is life altering, mind blowing, all consuming, breathtaking, vital, beautiful, infinite. Being a fulfilled Christian without understanding and experiencing the romance, the love, of Jesus Christ is impossible. We have to move beyond just the word "Love" and enter into the experience, the reality of it.
"Faithful to the end, He will come and marry me"- oh, the beauty of that phrase. He woos us into the most perfect relationship ever experienced. The union that wrote the book on love.

No Words
I need to tell you
I need, somehow, to express
The depth, the height of what I feel
How do I convey what you’ve done?
How do I confess love to Love?

An adequate outpouring is impossible
If I could breathe color
Sing the wind and dance the sky
Release the deep from my fingertips
Even that would not suffice

Melodies vaporize and
Words melt from my tongue
In the face of your blazing beauty
My trembling hands raise it up
Still, everything is not enough

So, in this moment, my heart beats out
What my mind cannot conjure
A passionate percussion of eternal valentines
My life will, every day, lift up a standard of adoration
Rooftops will echo this refrain of desire

My spirit will walk this path of intimate knowing
Never ceasing to hunger for more
This is my offering, all I have to give
My heart, my will, my love, my life
I am yours.