Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Well Below the Surface

In Heart

 It’s not blood, but something else that grafts you in
Something not so deep, yet so deep it defies veins
With missteps and misunderstandings and tears
We carved out a path with words and prayers
With perfect rhythm and revelation and laughter
We walk it now, so familiar we can be blindfolded
We were whole in our circle of DNA, yet somehow
With you, we see we were missing chromosomes all along
Know that we couldn’t do this without you, wouldn’t want to
There are pages in this story only you can write and sing
Know that we need you in this; no one else can do it
The most beautiful melodies are better with harmony
There are pauses and spaces and quiet moments
This is where your heart beats to keep ours alive
You chose us, we are blessed, we are grateful
With one you get all, that is the nature of clan
Never in law, but in heart is where you live, you breathe
Thank you.