Thursday, March 9, 2017

It's Clearer Up Here

Aerial View

We saw you, when the earth shook you loose,
Build a ladder from your backbones
To climb back up, day after day

We saw you in the bitter frost & the cold,
Circle your hearts
Passing an ember from hand to hand
Until you glowed from within once again

We saw you in the night, silent and shattered
Staring into the darkness
Until the path was awash in your light
So while you stumbled, you never fell.

We saw you in the brush strokes & tears,
Create something new from what was past
Until the old and dusty gallery
Sang with your colors

We saw you in the sun tipped mist of morning,
Breathe deeply as life was rekindled
In the eyes of a boy and the smile of a girl

We see you, in the drought and the deluge
Keeping your vigil
Candle flames holding steady, staying true

We see you, your footprints in the valley
Your broken nails in the mountainside
Your words ever weaving a guide rope
For those to come

We see you, laughter and cornerstones your legacy
Hundreds bearing witness to the work of your hands.
The beat of your hearts giving us the air.

We see you.