Friday, March 21, 2014

Time to Unveil

I had a sense of something good, I knew it was good
Fleeting, bright and small, but I understood

I chased myself through the night, the darkest night
Fearless I stood, poised and ready to fight

I looked in a mirror to find the truth, to know the truth
But seeing isn't knowing, even when you have the proof

I slept and woke inside my dream, free within my dream
I called forth the unknown, and saw nothing is as it seems

My two hands held the secret, and I held them closed in secret
The answer is simple, is easy, is you cannot keep it

In a moment I saw a future dressed in sun, life-giving sun
I opened my mind and healed all that had been done

The power is in knowing what you can’t see, when you can’t see
The miracle is what is in front of you doesn't set you free

Open wide your mouth to receive, your life to receive
Close your throat when it disagrees, your heart believes

Within that space between then and now, finally it is now
You see the truth in the ashes of the sacred cow

You are not a broken creature of fear, there is nothing to fear
Within you is the divine, the heaven song pressing near

I am you and you are me, together we dance; it’s okay to dance
Destiny wielded its sword; we are not a game of chance

Don’t fear the flame burning bright, rising higher, ever higher
We hold the oil, wick and lamp; we are the fire

We will bring out the truth refusing the lie, never believing the lie
We will fall down and drunkenly laugh, never ceasing to try

It is you; it is me, spirit perfect in our skin and bones, strong happy bones
We will roam the earth and soar the sky always in joy, never alone.