Saturday, December 29, 2012

Warrior Born

This was written as a Christmas gift for my amazing niece, Sarah. She is a rare creature- stunning to behold, naturally enigmatic, yet incredibly sweet when the light hits her just right.

The Lionheart
She is a willow tree
Against the molten sun
Standing tall and brave
Fire blazing in her eyes
Her shield on her arm
Her laughter rings out
Waking the day
Pushing back the dark of night

Her hands are strong
From clinging to the truth
Fighting for what is right
She dances through storms
Wild passion in her steps
She calls to the wind
Lulling bitter fear to sleep
As she sings to the sky

She is beauty adorned by heaven
Delicate edges and softened touch
A crown of gold on her head
Gently lifting love to her heart
She holds it close
Breathing life into the broken
Goodness and mercy follow her
Never far behind

She is the Lionheart
Born of grace and courage
Dreams shimmer in her eyes
Hope is kindled
Flowing from her fingertips
Nothing stands in her way
She opens the door to forever
Smiling at the journey

She is the Lionheart

Follow the Leader

I wrote this as a gift for my nephew Christopher. A blessing of  pure joy, he has the ability to see beyond the natural, into that space between here and eternity.


Once upon a white magic snow
The moon came out to play
For as all the seers know
The night holds more than we can say

The trees all bowed and smiled with glee
As the great orb danced like a child
The forest grew quiet, for it could see
This king of light was brave and wild

The rushing black river rose up to sing
And the bright music filled the sky
The birds all around lifted their wings
As the liquid gold moon glided by

The night grew tired, wanting to rest
And called for the moon to come home
Back to the air, sailing east, then west
Leaving peace where its light had shone

Follow that light, be it great, be it small
For it knows the path you are on
Don’t be afraid to stumble or fall
For the moon will guide you to the dawn

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Season of White


A Poem for Winter

Crushed beneath my feet, blue and crisp
Wild cold piercing my happy lungs
Peace of time stood still enshrouds me
All is calm, all is bright, all is at rest

Trees stand, arms laden with blankets of white
Skies roll grey, pillowing the ground
The earth breathes deep and closes its eyes
All is calm, all is bright, all is at rest

Burnt red wing of an intrepid flyer
Harsh against the muted world
Blood on bone, gentle and real
All is calm, all is bright, all is at rest

Numb with cold, glowing cherry fingertips
Encircle liquid heat and fragrant steam
Chasing the lingering scent of pine
All is calm, all is bright, all is at rest