Wednesday, March 16, 2011

With Love For Someone

I wrote this piece for a spirit coming back to life.

For you, life has settled, the manor unkempt
Days of dust motes, layer upon layer
Impenetrable by hands alone
Repetition becomes stale vision
Mind and tongue trapped by a residual haunting
Weighted steps, broken stature
Heavy with pain and exhaustion
Hopelessness reigns in the tired lines of eye and mouth
Seeping down the sides of a stolen throne
Forcing you beyond the pale
For you I stand, gritted teeth and clenched fists
Refusing to back down
In the face of this onslaught of resignation
I will stand and cast His breath into you
Blowing fire and ice down every dark hallway
Do you feel the chill at the nape of your neck?
The heat penetrating your breast?
Love has come.
The ancient scales fall away from your eyes
Color flows as lids are lifted and a spark is kindled
Your feet take first steps on a path of new things
Gaining strength with every downward press
You pause, breathe deep, shake your head
Feeling the ends of your black silk
Gently brush your newborn skin.
I see the blood flow anew from every vital place
You lift from the ground soaring skyward
Brushing laughing fingertips against the sun
Not suffering the fate of Icarus
Love has come.