Friday, October 7, 2011

Life in Consonants & Vowels

The Novel

I found some letters this morning, so I strung them together on a piece of string
So you could see what I mean when I say all the things that pool on my tongue
The string starts at my heart and ends at yours, connecting and binding
If we walk this way and that, very gently, we won’t be torn, we won’t bleed

I found my words this afternoon, so I wrapped them up in a piece of silk
So you would feel how I feel when the earth goes gray and my eyes fill with you
The silk billows around us like a sailor’s map, charting our course, our steps
If we dance slowly to our spoken music, we’ll find our way, we’ll rest our heads

I found your poem this evening, so I lifted the lines and arranged a bouquet
So you could inhale the fragrance of what two people can be when they remain
The handwritten flowers perfumed our hair and softened the prints of our fingers
If we breathe each touch like an unplanned journey, we’ll smile because we know

I found our book tonight, covered in moonlight and memories, pressed open
So we could read without effort, running our fingertips down the pages
The chapters we’ve lived fill our mouths, our hands holding our bones together
If we are careful to keep all that there is, the treasure will be found by the rest

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Beyond the Pale, There Be Dragons


You cut the strings wrapped round our hands
And taught us a new dance, light in our steps
You chased away the marionette masters
‘Til they cowered in dark corners, gnashing their teeth
But we were afraid we would fall from our pretty painted shelves
So we bound our hair round our wrists, lifted our slackened arms
And stood still

You called down a cedar branch to pull us from quicksand
Renewing our minds so our feet remembered the firm feel of earth
You burned the marauders’ shovels and their watery solutions
So they were left with nothing to dig their next deception
But we were uncertain of the solid foundation under our walk
So we used our past to make our own liquid grave, eased ourselves in
And slowly sank

You sang over us as we crouched in our fetid darkness
Lighting us up with the truth of our purity, our righteousness
You cast out the bitter voice of the deadly harbingers
‘Til they clawed at their throats and choked on their breath
But we recoiled from this new sun shining through us
So we ran to the comfort of cold shadows, closed our eyes
And went blind

You thwarted every foe with song and branch and dance
You scattered our enemies to the outer edges of existence
You wept at our brokenness and bound our ugly wounds
You spoke us into life and loved us into freedom
You swam us through waters and flew us over skies
You won every battle teaching us the heartbeat of peace
And still we fought you

When will we open our eyes and hear your voice
Climb from the mire to be washed by your embrace
Unfurl our long freed wings and fly swiftly to you
When will we stop being the reason we can’t stand
When will we see that you have done it all
And it is all ours for the taking, if only, if only
We would.

Sometimes it Fades Away...

I think most of us, at one time or another, have felt this way. It is a unique kind of pain...excruciating in its bitter sweetness.


I held the string of your colored balloon,
So you could dance with someone else
She was a willow tree with flowered hair,
Soft leaves falling gently at her feet
I was shrubbery, lingering in the shadows
Keeping watch over your colored balloon

I held the weight of your bundle of roses
So you could write the perfect verse of love
You asked me for words to paint her eyes, the waltz of her step
I placed in my palm what I had to give, hoping you didn’t see
Dirt rimmed nails and fingerprints stained with blood
Protectively wrapped around your bundle of roses

I held your hand and collected your broken tears
So you could wonder where it all went wrong
She spoke and you spoke, bitter lightning in a field
Angry footsteps led you away, tearing open your sky
Through my shattered breath I sang to you of what once was
Love that still could be, my heart drowning in your broken tears

I held my breath, my hand on my throat, on that final day
So you could walk down the aisle, to await another
The air filled with perfume as petals floated on the breeze
Soft tears from eyes carried murmurs of a love meant to be
She was your ever after, you were her once upon a time
I was a prayer that my heart wouldn’t fail, on that final day

I held my smile as you drew me in close, my world fading to black
You whispered, “Thank you dear friend”, and forever walked away   
She was your white ballet moon, her dance reflected in your eyes
You were her crystal ball knight, her shield in a gray satin waist coat
She was froth and wisps of silks; you were tall and drunk with love
I was the fool with a kiss on my forehead, slowly fading to black 

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Heart Full of Beauty

This is for my ethereal niece, Lizzy (Elizabeth Noel Miller). She is an amazing little girl!!! I love you Lizzy!!!


She’s beautiful, draped in ribbons of light
She knows where to find silver secrets
Her blue eyes have seen magic in the night
She knows the whole story and believes it

She cartwheels through the summer sun
She pirouettes on violet moonbeams
Her dance has only just begun
Her music written on a heart’s dream

She’s precious, like a shimmering unknown
Yet every angel knows her name
We may never see what she’s been shown
But she’ll share it all the same

She alights like a dream on the edge of the wind
And laughs from within and without
Intertwined with light that never will dim
Her destiny sings, a whispering shout

She offers all that shines within her
To the ones she knows and loves
Hold her hand and feel your heart stir
Be swept away by a winter dove


Friday, July 15, 2011

Once Upon A Time...

The Aisle
There is a path in a winding wood
Where the silver Alders stand guard
There is a clearing in that wood
Follow me, it isn’t very far

There is a lane through the countryside
Where the flowers bloom and dance
There is a field through that countryside
Take my hand; we’ll leave nothing to chance

There is a road up a mountain high
Where the wild fern’s secrets unfold
There is a meadow up that mountain high
Take my heart to have, to hold

There is a bridge ‘cross a river fair
Where the stones lie still as the water laughs
There is a house ‘cross that river fair
Take my life, it’s yours to have

There is a dream beyond this veil
Where our dance begins on the point of a star
There is an embrace beyond that veil
Follow me, it isn’t very far

Parachute Required

Free Fall

I’m undone by loss tonight
I’ve been forced back to earth
I wonder if you’d even care
To hear what it was worth

To be held, dangled by a thread
Passed through sun filled clouds
To be swayed softly through the music
And have my own heart sung out loud

We were far flung candlelight
Roses, wine and autumn leaves
Well read books, fingers intertwined
I was hope, you were chivalry

Now it’s just ache glossed memories
Whispers and secrets broken
All that’s left are my pocket wishes
What I believed, but was never spoken

But time, like the wandering tides
Will dance on through the ebb & flow
I’ll see behind me less and less
But for now my scars still show

So I’m undone by pain tonight
Bitter gravity pressing me to earth
I know one day I’ll cease to care
I’ll breathe, laugh and know my own worth

Monday, July 4, 2011

Love is a Dance

Dragonfly Waltz
You dance through me
Wisps of smoke and fractured light
You bruise my memories
A floating embrace
And hands held too tight

Why are our steps so out of time?
I thought I saw you from the corner of my eye
When did our heartbeats lose their rhyme?
I’m lost on the trail you’ve left behind

You come so close
My scarred fingertips brush your breath
This is the song we chose
Every note you sing I breathe
But it feels like death

I open my heart clenched fists
To pull you close and let you go
My love drunk tears settle on the mist
For I still hold your wings
I wonder if you even know

Why are our steps so out of time?
I thought I saw you from the corner of my eye
When did our heartbeats lose their rhyme?
I’m lost on the trail you’ve left behind

The View From Allenham

I've noticed recently that my writing has been rhyming a bit more than usual, actually a lot more.  I've been listening to a great deal of progressive folk & bluegrass lately, perhaps therein lies the reason.


Do you remember that day,
That day I finally understood forever?
Do you remember how my hands,
How my hands framed your face like a picture?

I remember; I do nothing but remember

Do you remember that night,
That night I sang to you, and we danced for hours?
Do you remember all the words,
The words we felt, scattered easily like flowers?

I remember; I do nothing but remember

I remember your hands and your smile
Your laugh and your voice
I remember your kiss and your touch
Your promised love and your choice

I remember; I do nothing but remember
Remembering is all I do

Because I have to ask...

I wrote this poem a few months ago during one of those times we all experience where we keep asking "Why?" or some variation, and hear no response.


Why is it that…?
Asked so many times
My teeth stick on the “is”
And my lips get bored, waiting

Why is it that…?
No answer sent back
Confusion settles down
To hold my hand, tightly

Why is it that…?
Curiosity might kill me
But apathy won’t let me live
Putting me to sleep, gently

Why is it that…?
Ring the clarity bell
And stop the mental clanging
So peace can breathe, deeply

Why is it that…?
Never stop asking
Seeking the true answer
Clearing the murky vision, finally

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

With Love For Someone

I wrote this piece for a spirit coming back to life.

For you, life has settled, the manor unkempt
Days of dust motes, layer upon layer
Impenetrable by hands alone
Repetition becomes stale vision
Mind and tongue trapped by a residual haunting
Weighted steps, broken stature
Heavy with pain and exhaustion
Hopelessness reigns in the tired lines of eye and mouth
Seeping down the sides of a stolen throne
Forcing you beyond the pale
For you I stand, gritted teeth and clenched fists
Refusing to back down
In the face of this onslaught of resignation
I will stand and cast His breath into you
Blowing fire and ice down every dark hallway
Do you feel the chill at the nape of your neck?
The heat penetrating your breast?
Love has come.
The ancient scales fall away from your eyes
Color flows as lids are lifted and a spark is kindled
Your feet take first steps on a path of new things
Gaining strength with every downward press
You pause, breathe deep, shake your head
Feeling the ends of your black silk
Gently brush your newborn skin.
I see the blood flow anew from every vital place
You lift from the ground soaring skyward
Brushing laughing fingertips against the sun
Not suffering the fate of Icarus
Love has come.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Love Letter

I wrote the following as a meager expression of my feelings for God. It's incredibly difficult to attempt to use something as simplistic as letters strung together to make your heart known. The romance of the Father is life altering, mind blowing, all consuming, breathtaking, vital, beautiful, infinite. Being a fulfilled Christian without understanding and experiencing the romance, the love, of Jesus Christ is impossible. We have to move beyond just the word "Love" and enter into the experience, the reality of it.
"Faithful to the end, He will come and marry me"- oh, the beauty of that phrase. He woos us into the most perfect relationship ever experienced. The union that wrote the book on love.

No Words
I need to tell you
I need, somehow, to express
The depth, the height of what I feel
How do I convey what you’ve done?
How do I confess love to Love?

An adequate outpouring is impossible
If I could breathe color
Sing the wind and dance the sky
Release the deep from my fingertips
Even that would not suffice

Melodies vaporize and
Words melt from my tongue
In the face of your blazing beauty
My trembling hands raise it up
Still, everything is not enough

So, in this moment, my heart beats out
What my mind cannot conjure
A passionate percussion of eternal valentines
My life will, every day, lift up a standard of adoration
Rooftops will echo this refrain of desire

My spirit will walk this path of intimate knowing
Never ceasing to hunger for more
This is my offering, all I have to give
My heart, my will, my love, my life
I am yours.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

New Year

2010 has come and gone and we have moved into a new season of life. For myself, I've never been big on new year's resolutions, but this year I am, rather than resolving, simply believing. Believing God for new things!

My awareness of God's goodness has exploded. He has invaded my very being and my life has been forever altered. I became a Christian at a very young age, but I have lived a dead, dry, painful life for over 25 years. My perspective of God and my relationship with him was completely skewed and broken. I spent a lifetime crying out and wondering why God never heard me, never responded. I did everything I was supposed to, church, singing, obligatory bible reading, etc. Isn't that what we as good Christians are supposed to do? I put Him in a lovely religious box, the whole time pretending that I wasn't one of the religious ones. My heart had become a stale, cobweb covered, block of clay.

But, the beauty of clay is that it can be worked. I came to a point where my striving broke me apart and I gave up. Gave up on formulas, and strategies. Gave up on processes and methods. I physically told God I was done- with Him, with the system, with all of it.

Unbeknownst to me, this "giving up" split my world apart. I had FINALLY surrendered! Letting go of the death grip I had had on my own life was all that was needed. Jesus infiltrated my heart, my life and took over completely. I can say, without cheesy motive, I am a new person. My thoughts and ways are no longer my own. He owns me, but there is such beautiful freedom in the ownership. He is my king, my friend, my father, my brother, my heart's passion, my one desire, my everything. I love Him with every fiber of my being.

I wrote the following a few days ago. Transformation is amazing! God is so merciful and gentle and I am learning to recognize His promptings and urgings. He has called me to a place of pure honesty with Him. It's difficult to let go of habits and old mindsets, but it is brutally necessary. He longs to pour into us so we can pour out. Old things must pass away for new life to take residence.

I emptied myself today
Of comfort zones and status quos
Of used to it and the way it’s always been

I emptied myself today
Of bitterness and vengeance
Of my way and malcontent

I emptied myself today
Releasing stale breath held too long
Behind lips and under tongue

I emptied myself today
Of acrid recall and dark remembrances
Not to forget but to forgive

I emptied myself today      
Without violence or upheaval
Without force of will, without myself

I emptied myself today
My spirit exhaling, unfolding
Accepting, inhaling new oxygen

I emptied myself today
Seeking and finding something beautiful
Gold pressed from adversity by the hands of love

I emptied myself today
Today I emptied myself
Emptied to overflowing