Sunday, June 18, 2017

Grab Hold With All Your Might

The time has come
It's in the layers
It's in the layers
It's in the layers
In the scents and colors both perfect and onion 
It's in the bitterness and the warmth of a blanket sewn so perfectly for the weight of my skin
It's the rubbed in shine, sunlight glinting
Oh the elbow grease it took to light up this life
This one chance we have to make something that matters
Let me forget myself so that others might realize themselves
I have within me a power that will crack the center of the earth with my whisper of say so
I will reign in my whisper so that I can caress the softest skin with truth
The toughest skin and scar tissue with hope
I will control the fire in these first hours 
With wisdom and understanding
Knowing that this blaze will produce a diamond that will alight on the finger of humanity
Making us all richer for the realization 
That we are together, intertwined and one, even in our vast differences
I am undone by the tapestry of our future
Let us grasp our destinies, our supposed to be, our this is what I was born for
For such a time as this, we have been called and set apart
Part the sea with your staff, never look back and never apologize
The time has come