Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Heart Full of Beauty

This is for my ethereal niece, Lizzy (Elizabeth Noel Miller). She is an amazing little girl!!! I love you Lizzy!!!


She’s beautiful, draped in ribbons of light
She knows where to find silver secrets
Her blue eyes have seen magic in the night
She knows the whole story and believes it

She cartwheels through the summer sun
She pirouettes on violet moonbeams
Her dance has only just begun
Her music written on a heart’s dream

She’s precious, like a shimmering unknown
Yet every angel knows her name
We may never see what she’s been shown
But she’ll share it all the same

She alights like a dream on the edge of the wind
And laughs from within and without
Intertwined with light that never will dim
Her destiny sings, a whispering shout

She offers all that shines within her
To the ones she knows and loves
Hold her hand and feel your heart stir
Be swept away by a winter dove


Friday, July 15, 2011

Once Upon A Time...

The Aisle
There is a path in a winding wood
Where the silver Alders stand guard
There is a clearing in that wood
Follow me, it isn’t very far

There is a lane through the countryside
Where the flowers bloom and dance
There is a field through that countryside
Take my hand; we’ll leave nothing to chance

There is a road up a mountain high
Where the wild fern’s secrets unfold
There is a meadow up that mountain high
Take my heart to have, to hold

There is a bridge ‘cross a river fair
Where the stones lie still as the water laughs
There is a house ‘cross that river fair
Take my life, it’s yours to have

There is a dream beyond this veil
Where our dance begins on the point of a star
There is an embrace beyond that veil
Follow me, it isn’t very far

Parachute Required

Free Fall

I’m undone by loss tonight
I’ve been forced back to earth
I wonder if you’d even care
To hear what it was worth

To be held, dangled by a thread
Passed through sun filled clouds
To be swayed softly through the music
And have my own heart sung out loud

We were far flung candlelight
Roses, wine and autumn leaves
Well read books, fingers intertwined
I was hope, you were chivalry

Now it’s just ache glossed memories
Whispers and secrets broken
All that’s left are my pocket wishes
What I believed, but was never spoken

But time, like the wandering tides
Will dance on through the ebb & flow
I’ll see behind me less and less
But for now my scars still show

So I’m undone by pain tonight
Bitter gravity pressing me to earth
I know one day I’ll cease to care
I’ll breathe, laugh and know my own worth

Monday, July 4, 2011

Love is a Dance

Dragonfly Waltz
You dance through me
Wisps of smoke and fractured light
You bruise my memories
A floating embrace
And hands held too tight

Why are our steps so out of time?
I thought I saw you from the corner of my eye
When did our heartbeats lose their rhyme?
I’m lost on the trail you’ve left behind

You come so close
My scarred fingertips brush your breath
This is the song we chose
Every note you sing I breathe
But it feels like death

I open my heart clenched fists
To pull you close and let you go
My love drunk tears settle on the mist
For I still hold your wings
I wonder if you even know

Why are our steps so out of time?
I thought I saw you from the corner of my eye
When did our heartbeats lose their rhyme?
I’m lost on the trail you’ve left behind

The View From Allenham

I've noticed recently that my writing has been rhyming a bit more than usual, actually a lot more.  I've been listening to a great deal of progressive folk & bluegrass lately, perhaps therein lies the reason.


Do you remember that day,
That day I finally understood forever?
Do you remember how my hands,
How my hands framed your face like a picture?

I remember; I do nothing but remember

Do you remember that night,
That night I sang to you, and we danced for hours?
Do you remember all the words,
The words we felt, scattered easily like flowers?

I remember; I do nothing but remember

I remember your hands and your smile
Your laugh and your voice
I remember your kiss and your touch
Your promised love and your choice

I remember; I do nothing but remember
Remembering is all I do

Because I have to ask...

I wrote this poem a few months ago during one of those times we all experience where we keep asking "Why?" or some variation, and hear no response.


Why is it that…?
Asked so many times
My teeth stick on the “is”
And my lips get bored, waiting

Why is it that…?
No answer sent back
Confusion settles down
To hold my hand, tightly

Why is it that…?
Curiosity might kill me
But apathy won’t let me live
Putting me to sleep, gently

Why is it that…?
Ring the clarity bell
And stop the mental clanging
So peace can breathe, deeply

Why is it that…?
Never stop asking
Seeking the true answer
Clearing the murky vision, finally