Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 2, Blog 2

Wow! A second post on my second day of being a "blogger". I've amazed myself...I'm over it now.

So...I don't really have anything to say today. No soul searching inquisitions or mind blowing revelations to relate. Instead I'll just post another piece of poetry (enjoy the alliteration I just gave you). I think, for my next foray into bloggerdom, I shall confabulate with you on the wonder that is the thesaurus. Or perhaps, we shall endeavor to discover the delights of the dictionary. I can see you are quivering with anticipation.

These two hands, a duet of calm
Still unsung but not for lack of wanting.
The giving, one sided, unrequited
Stales and suffers like past tense foliage.
The offer still stands with faltering equilibrium
Like something newborn in high heeled desperation
Precariously balanced on the tip of tongue
Up or down, left or right, accept or reject
Please do, please do, lest your lukewarm spittle
Settle where decision once lied.

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