Friday, October 31, 2014

No Reason

The Rewrite
I knew myself once, certainty was mine
There was clarity, the spelling was correct
The staples evenly placed in my binding
I loved you for a reason, life or death in the balance
I knew it was true, I was sure.
I approved of me, in the daylight, in the awake
Night was my revelation, my costume unzipped
As my heart shifting with time, slid around in my chest
My folded hands did their best to stop the bleeding internal
My skin clothed my bones in all the same different ways.
But my mind, my mind, my mind never stopped
Never stopped fighting me, hoping I was wrong, please be wrong
Every shape changing, lines crossing, meanings unraveling
My story untelling itself before my eyes
Who rewrites their beginnings? 
We do, when we learn to trust the author
So, pen in hand I start again to ink the me I am
On these freshly ironed pages, delicate but iron still
You see the foundation is strong, yet cracked in places
Where life can seep through and grow and regrow
Splintering, severing the bindings
Changing the pulse, the beat, the very rhythm
Of my breathing so that I love for no reason
Love is reason enough, I am sure.

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