Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Love: Always Knowing, Always Learning

On and On and On...

Love is the bright match flame
The smile that becomes a belly laugh
Out loud truth spoken honestly
The peace that spreads to your fingertips
Is love

Love is the underfoot crunch of fresh snow
A warm, hazy afternoon, languid and soft
Filling your senses with someone else
The belief that it conquers all
Is love

Love is the knife edge, becoming words, becoming tears
Battling to win, yet not lose the reflection of your heart in their eyes
Embraces that lead to I’m sorry, let’s start again, slowly
The clean dawning of each day, a new chance to do it well
Is love

Love is hanging on fiercely and letting go with care
Dark nights infused with points of the brightest light
Selflessness letting you step in their footprints
The song that sings you both to dance
Is love

Love is William’s fixed mark, his ship guiding star, born eternal
The brand that burns, marking the bone, the balm that heals
Trying and failing, trying again and again so never failing
Our compass, the place we rest our full and weary hearts, our salvation
Is love

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