Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Love Like This...

I wrote this as gift to my little brother and his wife, on their wedding day.

Your fingerprints are smudged on my heart, indelible
Sweet pain ebbs and flows from the pressure
When your eyes light with laughter
My lungs breathe a smile that goes on and on

With quiet confidence your hands are strong
For someone who folds so easily into myself
Like origami paper, quietly with loud colors

We fired an arrow into space and time
To stop the clocks on this very moment
Freeze frame each heartbeat ‘til the ground
Is littered with snapshots of you, of me, of us

How is it that your feet fit my footprints?
How does your voice sing my unborn thoughts?
How can desperation be peace, be joy, be good?

Is this how it was for all those that came before?
Knowing without speaking, dreaming without sleeping
Did they see eternity rippling out?
Pebble dropped from their two made one souls?

We’ll pass them by, leaving our flowers pressed between the pages
Quickly now, tie your wings to my back
I’ll fly you home and forever.

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