Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall Glory

misty fall day t picture and wallpaper

My favorite time of year...

A Poem For Autumn 

Time begins to slow and turn gently
The sun quietly lets go of its colors
Softly falling, painting the earth  
We gather into ourselves, waiting

Forests dazzle in brightly hued formal wear
The ground softens itself for the feet of weary travelers
Favorite books are opened, homespun ancient relics
We gather into ourselves, waiting 

Relaxed we collapse, fall back and dream
Fire wraps arms around its soft-wooded friend
Footsteps and laughter echo all around
We gather into ourselves, waiting 

Hope is stirred in eternity's cauldron
Soaring, a flight pattern of wish fulfilled thinking
Possibility rises above the mountain tops
We gather into ourselves, waiting 

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