Thursday, February 14, 2013

Priceless Kinship

There are those in your life who truly save you from time to time. I am blessed to have such saviors in my life.

Part of Me
For a moment I was alone, bone chilled, colors chipping
For a moment I stumbled, feet unsure, slipping on broken stones
For a moment I was caught up, clouded eyes, storms overwhelming
For a moment I wept, trapped by yesterday’s waves, lost in confusion

Then, I remembered you
You sat next to me, warming my soul, mending my palette & brush
You fell with me, hope in your lungs, laughing from the ground up
You lifted me, higher and higher still, until the storm was beautiful
You cried with me, rowed into the fray, a map drawn in your smile

For a moment I panicked, fear clawing, desperate unknowing
For a moment I stayed too long, backwards, a wind up doll
For a moment I held too tight, blistered fingers, not letting go
For a moment I disappeared, in shadow and dark, my wings torn

Then, I remembered you
You sang to me, without words, without flute or drum
You never left me, pressing onward, a wild dance in every step
You opened your hands to me, matching our palms, our history
You found my hiding place, lighting it with wine and song, and it was home

In the midst, I remember you, constant and courageous
In the thick, I remember you, never giving in to the gray
In the heat, I remember you, eyes smiling at the sky
In the moment, I remember you, our heartbeat, our blood
Thank you.

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