Thursday, February 6, 2014


A Friend
She’s beauty true like autumn leaves
Snowfall held in the earth’s palm
Water running over the smoothest stones, bright with turquoise
Her smile flowers in the darkest corners
Alive with possibility and hope
She speaks well and laughs often, inviting you to join her
Not afraid to play the fool with a dance
With a song in her voice
Her heart is 10 times 10 times bigger than her deepest breath
She quietly fears but bravely faces
Loss has been her peter pan shadow
She’ll hold you just close enough to know you’re safe
But will fight to let you fly
Knuckles bloodied against walls
Joy is born in her words like a healing balm
Her kindness, her wisdom
Her I’ll be here if you fall
They’ll count you as blessed to have met her, to know her
To have laughed with her, cried with her
They’ll count you as lucky
When they consider the four leaf clover you were given in her
Guard it closely behind a secret door
Wear it near the beat of your heart
It is 10 times 10 times bigger than your deepest breath

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