Monday, February 17, 2014



With breathless, hopeless hope
I opened up a ribbon wrapped tin
Seeing within my own heart
Coiled in pieces like so many chocolates
You’ve torn open with your teeth
To see what flavor I am inside

Sideways blown even as I stand
Because sometimes it’s words on a page
So the rage doesn’t melt the candle
I hold so tightly in my bare hands
I need the light to burn on and on
Pain doesn’t mean I’m passing

Sing you say, sing me to sleep
But trust me I can’t keep being
The resting place for your destiny
The reason you soft shoe through it all
Hanging diamonds from excuses
A whispered noose my fingertips can’t break

Broken edges of thorny stems and petals
Sharp, twisted metal filling vases
The perfume of rosy death staining my lungs
I let go of these bundles and boxes of satin
Loving myself enough to say that now
I need nothing from you, February love

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