Friday, July 15, 2011

Once Upon A Time...

The Aisle
There is a path in a winding wood
Where the silver Alders stand guard
There is a clearing in that wood
Follow me, it isn’t very far

There is a lane through the countryside
Where the flowers bloom and dance
There is a field through that countryside
Take my hand; we’ll leave nothing to chance

There is a road up a mountain high
Where the wild fern’s secrets unfold
There is a meadow up that mountain high
Take my heart to have, to hold

There is a bridge ‘cross a river fair
Where the stones lie still as the water laughs
There is a house ‘cross that river fair
Take my life, it’s yours to have

There is a dream beyond this veil
Where our dance begins on the point of a star
There is an embrace beyond that veil
Follow me, it isn’t very far

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