Friday, July 15, 2011

Parachute Required

Free Fall

I’m undone by loss tonight
I’ve been forced back to earth
I wonder if you’d even care
To hear what it was worth

To be held, dangled by a thread
Passed through sun filled clouds
To be swayed softly through the music
And have my own heart sung out loud

We were far flung candlelight
Roses, wine and autumn leaves
Well read books, fingers intertwined
I was hope, you were chivalry

Now it’s just ache glossed memories
Whispers and secrets broken
All that’s left are my pocket wishes
What I believed, but was never spoken

But time, like the wandering tides
Will dance on through the ebb & flow
I’ll see behind me less and less
But for now my scars still show

So I’m undone by pain tonight
Bitter gravity pressing me to earth
I know one day I’ll cease to care
I’ll breathe, laugh and know my own worth

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